A classical questionnaire does not generate any resonance, but only an echo in the sense that the respondent, by checking this or that box, throws back an echo to the question asked. This echo says nothing, it does not contain any information that would not already have been contained in the question itself. 

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Multi-branding strategy

Each product and each brand lives from its characteristics. Basic and performance features can be well captured with conventional methods. The so-called characteristics of enthusiasm, i.e. those that enchant us, are much more difficult to grasp. They lie dormant in customers' minds as unconscious desires. With our repgrid procedure we can directly analyse and weight the unconscious needs of people (so-called hidden needs) and prepare them for brand management. With our analyses a solid brand monitoring can be implemented and the strategic brand positioning can be set up. The same applies to product evaluation.

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Discovering the hidden needs of HNWI's, UHNWI's and billionaires in the auto mobility market 

On behalf of our partner agency torpedomotor we interviewed both potential customers and managing directors of numerous car dealerships in the luxury car segment throughout Europe. The aim was to find out what motives the target group might have to buy a luxury sports car and what market potential a luxury super sports car with a purely electric drive based on a methanol fuel cell could have in the world market. The special feature of this repgrid project was that the Roland Gumpert brand was known through the Apollo, but now a completely new vehicle concept is offered (Roland Gumpert Nathalie).

Despite the different language areas, central enthusiasm dimensions could be uncovered and made usable for the strategic market appearance (Positioning and Marketpotentials) by means of repgrid.

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Feature analysis for a mobile app 

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important for many companies. In contrast to a homepage, an app has to do a much better balancing act between content, user-friendliness and performance. To achieve this, it is necessary to provide exactly those features that end customers really wish to have in their app. This decisive but often hidden information can be clearly differentiated via repgrid surveys (blind spot analysis). 

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Strategic management

Every strategic decision has a serious impact on the actions of people and the structure of an organisation's overall system. With rep:grid you can use the collective intelligence of your organisation to integrate all participants right from the start. With repgrid we can have the initiation and the course of change processes evaluated intersubjectively and show acceleration and resistance trends.

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Sport coaching

The level at the top of competitive sports is rising steadily. The physical potential of athletes are nowadays exhausted to the utmost due to the latest sports science findings and methods. The same applies to teams. In addition to physical, coordination and technical skills, the mental situation of an athlete or team is increasingly decisive for victory or defeat. With our mental matrix procedure repgrid mental strengths and weaknesses can be pointed out and made conscious in order to expand or reduce them in the context of psychological care. 

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Strategy in generation change

Dynamic companies that have established success in niche markets, always have a special responsibility when management hands the reins over to the next generation. A careful and conscientious approach is advisable here in order to confirm the trust that has been built up between customers and the company. The young generation brings new ideas and opportunities, but the valuable experience of the old team must not be lost. Against this backdrop, it makes sense to examine the potentials, resources and upcoming issues openly and neutrally. The repertory grid tool repgrid does here the best job.

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Team development

Every team is different and lives from its heterogeneous structure. Wether or not a team works together successfully depends primarily on how the diversity can be brought together synergistically. With repgrid we can support the clarification of role concepts, catalyse the development of a common vision and mission statement and evaluate social and professional competencies.