repgrid is an expert tool. That is why we take great care to ensure that only highly qualified experts in the consulting field have access to rep:grid. Our international partners are characterised by outstanding expertise in their business fields as well as loyalty and reliability.

We proudly present our repgrid licensees 

Rosenberger Mangement & Strategieberatung GmbH, Leipzig

Rosenberger Management &Sstrategy Consulting is your contact for resonance-focused brand, organization and value creation design.

Founded as a specialized strategy consultancy, we have expanded our performance, product and service portfolio and are now an international management consultancy and technology partner.

Both business areas complement each other and form our modular consulting model to increase our clients' brand equity through value-driven innovation, differentiation and growth strategies.

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inceptLABS, Sydney

Incept Labs helps SMEs, large corporates and Government deal with uncertainty in current and future environments by providing targeted research and supporting innovation, change and quality governance. Incept Labs places great emphasis on collaboration, engages multiple stakeholders in a tailored and responsive process informed by experience, deep insight and quality evidence.


KMS-TEAM, München

KMS-TEAM develops brands to become effective and relevant tools that provide customers with a valuable point of reference. Their clients profit from their extensive expertise in all areas of brand management as well as their ability to synchronize these activities.


United Arab Emirates University, Dubai

The University of Dubai has been home to talented students and faculty drawn from around the world to teach, create, and study. They have achieved international distinction and accreditation in the academic areas they offer.


Techniker Krankenkasse, Hamburg

One of the leading health insurance in germany


Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW), Basel

The FHNW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland and with its nine universities is active in teaching, research, further education and services - innovative and practice-oriented.


Brunswick, München

Since 1987, Brunswick has been helping clients navigate the interconnected financial, political and social worlds to build trusted relationships with all their stakeholders. A global partnership, with 23 offices in 14 countries, Brunswick  operates as a single profit center - allowing them to respond seamlessly to their clients' needs, wherever they are in the world.


Nadig Unternehmens-entwicklung, Fulda

A strong team in which each character is authentic and has valuable qualities. Nadig Unternehmensentwicklung has a great passion for the development of stirring visions. All employees always pay attention to the feasibility with regard to existing financial and personnel resources. Together they pursue the same goal: discovering and promoting potential. 


Q+ Consulting, Aachen

Q+ Consulting develops a personal and organisational quality sovereignty. Mindset and toolset meet: At the same time, at the right pace, to the right extent. 
The development of a quality sovereignty does not follow a predefined plan scenario but is always individually tailored to the history and the existing corporate culture of the organisation. 


torpedomotor, Leipzig


When motor passion and the roots of music, entertainment and corporate development meet, the result is a highly explosive mix.


Our office, the Karlsfactory, we founded the Workspace Karlsfactory with the subheading "Home of Advanced Marketing". Why? That's simple: Our basis is the method rep:grid (Repertory Grid Technique), which allows you to see a little into the glass ball. It's amazing what you'll find out.

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Akzonobel, Amsterdam

The  leading global paints and coatings company and major manufacturer of specialty chemicals.


Human facets, Florida

Human Facets® was founded in 1985 and is an International Organisational Consulting firm specializing in global inclusion and diversity. High expertise in the field of organisational development and global inclusion ensures that their clients will receive not only a depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise, but also a fully customised solution to whatever challenges they face.


Gesellschaft Innovative Marktforschung (GIM), Berlin, Heidelberg

The GIM is an agile and reliable partner who accompanies their customers strategically and operationally in their projects. As a multi-specialist, they have the expertise and experience to provide the right answers to the challenges of their customers - in terms of content, methodology and industry. 


Coaching Competence Cooperation (CCC), 


If you are looking for or want to optimise mental strength, CCC has experienced and nationally recognised top consulting and coaching staff. Mental strength is not something you have or don't have. Mental strength and team spirit can be developed. With its name, the CCC stands for serious and well-founded measures to support ambitious and high performers in sport and business.


IPM Business School, Minsk

IPM Business School promotes national competitiveness by supporting companies and individuals in the education sector. It maintains partnerships with leading business schools and consulting firms worldwide, is a member of the Central and Eastern European Management Development Association and is in close contact with companies through the consulting, research and practical experience of its tutors and clients.


Brix Coaching & Training, Flensburg

Combining the latest scientific findings with your operational reality to provide professional and goal-oriented support in change processes. All services of Brix Coacing & Training are based exclusively on tried and tested scientific methods and models that provide a clearly structured and efficient process.




provides an exclusive range of consulting services. Janka Eliasova is a specialist in agile Organisational Development and Leadership Culture. ELIASOVA ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT offers sound professional know-how, latest approaches and trends as well as the application of proven scientific methods and models.



Jonas Asendorpf, the owner and CEO of jaCoaching believes that every organization has to ask itself again and again what it should keep, because it works well, and what it should renew in order to remain competitive in the future. They understand organizational development as the continuous clarification process of this question. This applies not only to globally operating companies - the public sector is also competing for suitable employees.


© Rosenberger Management & Strategieberatung 2020

© Rosenberger Management & Strategieberatung 2020

© Rosenberger Management & Strategieberatung 2020