The repertory grid software repgrid is a methodically secure access to the intangible subjective attitudes and assessments that are the basis of human action. repgrid is a scientifically proven, computer-based survey and analysis principle. 

Based on the empirically proven fact that human behaviour is largely determined by personal attitudes and views (the so-calles "insights"), rep:grid provides direct access to personal evaluation patterns. It also makes individual decision and action bases clear and assessable.

Through the specially developed mathematical procedure, the personal views of the interviewees are presented in an analytically concentrated form immediately after the individual survey. They can be combined into an interpretable unit in comparison with other assessments. The overall picture created by an individual or group is available immediately after completion of the interviews. The rep:grid software opens up a dynamic and strategically optimal way of dealing with changes and provides management with a knowledge background for the competent design of corporate and product strategies.

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Methodical foundation

repgrid has its origin in the theoretical and methodical basic ideas of the "psychology of personal constructs" of George A. Kelly. The "psychology of personal constructs" regards the human being as a researcher who develops hypotheses for future situations from his or her experience, examines, confirms and, if necessary adapts them. In order to get a first measuring approach to a person's subjective reality, Kelly developed the method of repertory grid in consistent agreement with his basic theoretical assumptions. In the repertory grid, respondents combine in a very simple questioning ritual, events or objects from their world of experience into a dependency relation (matrix). This is done on the basis of verbalised differences or similarities. 

The concrete design of the rep:grid tool is based on an independent scientific advancement of the mathematical basics for the processing of Kelly matrices and on professional technical support of the realisation and evaluation.

The further development allows the comparative analysis of any number of individually matrices and is unique in its computer-aided realisation and evaluation. With the forms of systematic group comparison implemented in the tool and the semi-automatic decoding of situation and culture-specific word uses, rep:grid currently has several USP's worldwide.


Deep and factually clear

The basic methodology of the tool can neither clearly be classified as qualitative nor as quantitative measuring method. rep:grid makes it possible to combine the advantages of qualitative interviews (depth of content) with the advantages of standardised questionnaires (actual clarity).

The survey technique allows the respondents to use free and almost unrestricted their own descriptions for evaluation, as in a qualitative interview. The results thus largely reflect the perspective of an individual without specification. The respondents construct their own, very personal questionnaire during the survey. However, the relational assignment of elements of the individual world of experience (events or objects) in a matrix, which results from the use of freely chosen constructs (description dimension), allows still an interindividual comparability via special mathematical and semantic analyses.

If there is a sufficient number of elements when interviewing different respondents, individual patterns can be directly and quantitatively related to each other. 

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