Our rep:grid gets to the heart of your subject. We use a repertory grid questioning technique that does not specify any questions, but nonetheless delivers standardised and organisation-wide results that bring you forward. 


social complexity

Development of mission statement and image concept.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

The clubimage of the TSG Hoffenheim was evaluated by Prof. Jan Mayer with our support. On the basis of the results from rep:grid a new guiding principle could be developed as well as a concrete mission statement.

Market research and support in strategic brand orientation


For the online platform JOYclub, the brand presence was sharpened by using rep:grid software, to ensure further success. 

Thus, areas of tension were identified and a new claim developed.

Various projects in internal health management

Techniker Krankenkasse

The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is convinced by strengths of rep:grid. We were asked to support TK in various projects on internal and external issues. In addition, rep:grid licenses were used for own research and training purposes.


Deep and factually clear in content – for qualitative investigations with repertory grid technique

rep:grid is the world leading Repertory Grid App from sofistiq and supports your in measuring and visualising opinions, beliefs and values of people. rep:grid can be used wherever individual experiences are of interest: for employee surveys before, during or after change processes, cultural or customer satisfaction analyses, strategy or team development processes, for project acceptance measurement individual coaching and much more. 


Fast availability of meaningful 

information through repertory grid

With rep:grid, users can access a standardised database, conduct interviews and combine individual repertory grid results into an overall picture or display them individually. This is used to determine resonance patterns that can be evaluated either visually (graphically) or statistically.

With rep:grid you have a powerful solution that covers almost all areas of application.


Different dimensions in repertory grid show different perspectives

Not only the actual state of your company can be made visible through ideal or negative states, the temporal sequence of experience also flows into the result. Events can be put into relation by the representation of time bars. You will learn what  moves people two years ago – and what they will talk about tomorrow. Together with these results rep:grid provides broad options for further actions.




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